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Top Recipes with Pickled Sakura Cherry Blossoms from Japan

List of Japanese Recipes with pickled Sakura

Sakura cherry blossoms are a classic Japanese ingredient, which not only has a very unique flavor but also adds beauty to dishes. This list of recipes with pickled sakura includes Japanese traditional recipes as well as contemporary westernized recipes as well.

This sakura tea is slightly salty and a very typical drink for celebrations such as weddings in Japan. The flower unfolds in the hot water and adds beauty to the elegant flavor of sakura.


Sakura Rice is a very simple and easy to make recipe with pickled sakura. When cooked with rice the salt of the pickled sakura emphasizes the beautiful flavor of the cherry blossoms.


Sakura Mochi is a rice cake made of sweet rice. It is THE classic recipe for pickled sakura and you can have them literally everywhere in Japan during the cherry blossom season.

Recipe by: BeBe Love Okazu

Sakura Yokan is a kind of jelly also very nice in summer. This recipe is easy and quick to make and the Yokan tastes and looks fabulously and will impress your family and friends.

Recipe by: Bohnenhase

Sakura Anko Mushipan is a kind of Japanese style muffin. Mushipan means steamed bread. It is fluffy and soft and the flavors of anko bean paste and sakura are a nice combination of typical Japanese sweet ingredients.

Recipe by: Bohnenhase

This Sakura Jelly is almost like a painting. Sakura flowers in a clear jelly (made with the pink soaking liquid of the sakura) with a base of dark cherry mousse and cherries.

Recipe by: Hunger Hunger

Sakura Cherry Blossom Cheese Cake is a wonderful blend of Western and Japanese cuisine. The soft flavor of the cheese cake is a perfect base for the subtle aroma of the sakura flowers.

Recipe by: Nina

These Sakura Cookies are easy to make and the simple cookies help to bring out the flavor of the sakura flower. The cookies look really cute and also make a perfect gift during cherry blossom season.

Recipe by: DailyDelicious

This Sakura Layer Cake combines two of Japan’s famous ingredients: Sakura and Matcha tea powder. The result is a wonderful sponge cake with typical Japanese aromas and beautiful green and pink colored layers.

Recipe by: Feast Your Eyes

A Sakura Rare Cheese Desert that is so beautiful with the pale pink on the creamy white. The delicate flavor of the sakura is a wonderful combination to the creamy aroma of the rare cheese.

Recipe by: evan’s kitchen ramblings

The Sakura Chiffon Cake is a wonderful combination of Western and Japanese flavors. The aroma of the sakura flowers blends very well with the smooth and light flavor and consistency of chiffon cake.

Recipe by: Da Washoku Kitchen

The Sakura Macaron is another fantastic example of blending Western and Japanese food culture. The result is a beautiful pink macaroni with the subtle flavor of sakura cherry blossoms.

Recipe by: Bobbies Baking Blog

Sakura Onigiri are a Japanese classic. Enjoy rice balls with the flavor of sakura. The salt from the pickled sakura naturally also seasons the rice. Easy to make – just enjoy!

Recipe by: The Delectable Hodgepodge

The Sakura Roll Cake has a very intense flavor of Sakura due to the Sakura Creme Mousseline filling. The dark pink filling also makes a nice contract to the soft color of the cake.

Recipe by: Traveling Foodies

The Sakura Cake is a very nice recipe for a Sakura Chiffon Cake. The sakura flowers on it’s top are a beautiful decoration and the subtle flavor of sakura blends nicely with the soft chiffon cake’s texture.

Recipe by: Happy Home Baking

This post is based on above recipe for Sakura Cookies from DailyDelicious but it adds a lot of nice photos and text to it, so that we thought it is worth adding it to our list of great recipes.

Recipe by: Nasi Lemak Lover

Banner Sakura Onigiri BentoHere is a great recipe for all Bento fans. Little Miss Bento is a blog from bento artist Shirley Wong. She created a wonderful and delicious Sakura Onigiri Bento.

Recipe by: Little Miss Onigiri

Banner Sakura Yogurt Chiffon CakeThis is wonderful recipe for a Sakura Yogurt Chiffon Cake. With the sakura decoration the cake looks just outstanding. As it also uses sakura leaf powder it also has a decent sakura flavor.

Recipe by: Anncoo Journal

Do you know a recipe that is not listed here? Let us know and we will be happy to add it.


Inden – Japanese deerskin craft

100 Gifts from Japan

#1 Inden – Deerskin Craft

Inden is a deerskin craft with four hundred years tradition.

Deerskin was originally used to make certain parts of samurai armor, due to its softness, lightness, flexibility and strength. Koshu-Inden, lacquered deerskin made in koshu (present Yamanashi), was founded by Uehara Yushichi, whose name has been handed down for 13 generations.

Inden goods are made of deerskin processed in a special technique. The deerskin is tanned, dyed and silksceened with colorful lacquers in contemporary and traditional patterns.

Among Inden goods are purses, wallets, belts, handbags, shoulder bags and various other kinds of accessories.

Inden goods are not only beautiful Japanese tradition but they also last for long time since these techniques were originally used to harden samurai armor parts.

Traditional Inden patterns

Inden products use typical Japanese patterns in many colors. Here is a selection of the most common patters:

How Inden is made

Examples of Inden Products

Nowadays Inden products such as business card holders, key holders bags and other accessories are very popular in Japan. The NIHON ICHIBAN shop offers a selection of Inden products from Indenya Uehara – the leading producer of Inden that was established in 1582.